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Birth Chart & Transit Reading

2 90 minute readings booked together with Art Granoff

  • 3 hours
  • 450 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

In addition to your birth chart reading, for Session 2, consider these Personal Transit Themes. 1 Personal transit reading - A personal transit shows planets passing through your chart within a certain period, highlighting their archetypal effects. Which transits are happening now? Which transits are upcoming? A personal transit reading reveals which archetypal energies are current. We match with your experiences. Good for planning. 2 Explore archetypal themes of previous psychedelic journeys. Applying the dates, we check archetypal themes in World Transits (collective), then apply them to your chart showing your Personal Transits. Earn an objective view, gain perspective - from previous experiences. 3 Saturn Return discovery - Exploring major intersections of life - spotlighting significant life changes Saturn Return 1 between ages 28-30 Saturn Return 2 between ages 58-60 Uranus opposite Uranus mid life - new choices 4 Select important times in life - your choice Important dates, major life themes, graduating school, marriage, a child’s birth, your first Grateful Dead concert, and so on. Check the archetypal action from significant achievements or tough times. ````````````````````````` After signing up, please email your 1 Birthday 2 Place of Birth 3 Time of birth (if known) Want to include ( optional ) a brief biography? Please include anything you want me to know. `````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Start learning here: Stan Grof talks about Archetypal Astrology Rick Tarnas guide to Archetypal Astrology Thank you.

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