Archetypal Astrology Sessions with Art Granoff

Harmonizing in the tradition Stanislav Grof and Richard Tarnas 
blending consciousness research and astrology.

Personal Discovery   One 90 minute session  $200 
What happens in an archetypal astrology reading?

We start by exploring individual planets. Combining them with
certain angles, patterns are displayed painting a particular picture, a style.
We apply these discoveries to us as individuals.

Why do we act in particular ways?
We gain self knowledge, perhaps assigning insight to many of life’s situations.
We get behind the 8 ball, underneath the logical
to the archetypal foundation residing underneath our choices in life.
What are the motivating forces influencing our activities?

Also showing Personal Transits
revealing which energies are up for you and how long they last..

Go Deeper   Two 90 minute sessions  $350
Adding to 1 session, choose from a variety of Personal transit themes.

1    Personal transit reading - 
Which transits am I currently in the middle of - which transits are upcoming? 
Current personal transit reading paints a picture from recent experiences
and explains the energies upcoming .  Good for planning.

2    Explore archetypal themes of previous psychedelic journeys.
Applying the dates, we check archetypal themes in World Transits (collective),
then apply them to your chart showing your Personal Transits.
Earn an objective view, gain perspective - from previous experiences.

3    Saturn Return discovery -
Exploring major intersections of life - spotlighting significant life changes
Saturn Return 1  between ages 28-30
Saturn Return 2  between ages 58-60

4    Select important times in life - your choice
Important dates, major life themes, graduating school, marriage, a child’s birth,
your first Grateful Dead concert, and so on.
Check the archetypal action from significant achievements or tough times.

Gift either session 
Delight family and friends. They'll love it.